21 October, 2021

Stonehaven Carronside Church of Scotland

You can watch videos of services on YouTube by following the directions in “THIS WEEK'S NEWS AND WORSHIP”

Stonehaven Carronside Church of Scotland, which is the outcome of the union of Dunnottar Parish Church and Stonehaven South Church, will continue the proud history of Christian witness dating back to the 5th century when the earliest church was built. The unified parish is on the south side of the town of Stonehaven and includes the Old Town with its harbour, part of the “new” town, a substantial rural area which includes the world famous Dunnottar Castle.

Looking toward the future the churches of Stonehaven Carronside intend to continue to offer the people of Stonehaven opportunities for worship and witness in God's service while to committing, with all other Christian churches in the area, to preaching the Gospel and ministering to the people of God.

Regular worship is complimented by these features on this website :-

connecTions magazine which provides current information on Carronside Churches' ministry, activities, and contacts.

Monthly Quiz circulated with connecTions magazine.

This Week's News section which contains links to YOUTUBE videos of each Sunday's worship and information about special events during the week.

Future Events page gives details of up-coming events, both spiritual and social.

Worship Venues part details the venue for each Sunday service.

Church Bus Route page details the special pick up and set down places on the route our privately chartered bus follows to bring members to church and return them after the service following the social time.