Our Buildings

Our church buildings are dedicated to worship, to witness and to community involvement.

Our Buildings

Our public buildings are Dunnottar Church, St Bridget's Hall-Church and the Marischal Aisle. You can read about the history and present-day facilities of each building by clicking on the menu at the page edge.

To arrange a visit to the Churches or St Bridget's, please contact the Property Convener.

Our Manse is the home we provide for our Minister and family.

Property Convener and Committee

The Property Convener is responsible to the Kirk Session for the maintenance and improvement of all Church buildings and is supported by the Property Committee.

The Property Committee meets on the second Tuesday of the month. Committee members take on responsibilities to support the Convener which include property inspection, seeking quotations, working with contractors and carrying out minor repairs.

If you have skills or experience that would contribute to the Committee or wish to help, please contact the Property Convenor.

Hire of St Bridget's Hall-Church

St Bridget's Hall-Church is available for hire for Ecclesiastical activities and for appropriate commercial events.

These lets bring community organisations and their members into our Church premises.

We hold Public Entertainment Licences for the Church and St Bridget's to enable their use for public performances.

For information about Terms & Conditions and charges for lets, please contact the Property Convenor.

Dunnottar Church Property Convener:- David Macdonald
(text or phone)