India Village Ministries

Update 4 June 2020

Swithin from Indian Village Ministries created this documentary-a glimpse of relief aid work we are doing here in India during COVID lockdown.

Here is link:

Thanks for all your prayers and support.

God bless

Suresh & Roja


‘Mony a mickle maks a muckle’ is how the old saying goes and that applies to our continued support for India Village Ministry (IVM). Each year we are contributing our pennies to this wonderful charity. They are performing miracles with our help and prayers, giving a home and security to orphans, support to destitute elderly people and training in the Sewing School for young impoverished girls . They should be an inspiration to us.

We have been saving our change in the ‘Wee Hooses’ for many years now. We also run a book stall at the Thursday coffee morning, ‘Pick what you want and pay what you want’ which brings in a few pounds each week. We also help by assigning our retiring collections at church. Each year our giving gains momentum, in 2014, we saved £538, in 2015, £1555 and in 2016 a magnificent £2087.

We sponsor, through the Fellowship Coffee Group, two children, a young girl Bhavana and a young boy Navadeep, both abandoned by their widowed mothers into the care of Suresh and his team. Both children are given a secure home, fed, clothed and educated. It is wonderful to see photographs of over 90 happy children in the newsletter, children who have been abandoned on the streets without a future.

We are currently supporting the building of a new dormitory, which IVM have been ordered to build to segregate boys and girls. A daunting project costing many thousands of pounds, but one which Suresh and his team are facing with an unflinching faith that they will find the funds required. Amazingly, the building is rising steadily and hopefully will be completed in the New Year.

Please keep giving or helping us, in any way you can, to support the India Village Ministriies team.