Young People Team

Our Young People Team in Carronside Church are tasked with one of the church's most important priorities - showing our children, teenagers and young adults God's love for them, introducing them to Jesus Christ as their personal friend and leading them to work with the Holy Spirit as the next Christian leaders in our Church.

The Church of Scotland's strategy document for young people stresses the importance of listening to what the young people have to say and respecting their views and their wishes.

The Team has to approach these parallel objectives by energising church members to join the planning group and/or to support activities the Team develops to engage and educate youngster in the ways of the Lord and the practicalities of Christianity as a Faith and as a moral code for living.

This is a new initiative and has massive potential to expand the interest of current church members and to involve more and more people, especially younger people, in the life of the church

Young People Team Priorities:-

  1. Recruit members for the Young People Team and agree a schedule of meetings
  2. Inform and engage Session members on each of under 5's, Sunday School, Young Teens, Young persons (over 16), Young Adults
  3. Consider the Church of Scotland document “Strategy for Young People” and report to Session on its implications for Carronside Church
  4. Link with other Christian youth organisations