Church Membership Team

The Membership Convenor is responsible, as Roll Keeper, for maintaining the Communion Roll. The Roll Keeper is supported by Elders and members who advise changes of status and information on members who leave the area or pass away or when they move house.

Liaison with church organisations is also in the Convenors remit however in this respect he is assisted by individual Elders appointed by Session to provide a reporting channel in each case. This demonstrates the Session's interest and encouragement for the work of each organisation and offers Session the opportunity to provide guidance on church policy should that be appropriate.

Other activities in the Group include promoting social interaction by members through the following avenues: -

Social Committee Its steering group plans the programme of events then volunteers are drafted in to assist in running these by publicising them, selling tickets, preparing venues and laying on catering as required.

Entertainment Events They have organised shows where our own talent has been supplemented by local artists where young and not so young have had their arms twisted to perform a piece of music, a song or some poetry. These have proved to be a major attraction with the audiences.

Church Membership Team Priorities: -

  1. Maintain the Communion Roll
  2. Assist Elders efforts to maintain contact with Communicants
  3. Promote social activities and events to compliment Church objectives.
  4. Support organisations by liaising through Elders' visits